Carter's Castle Programming

Objectives: I will be using this site to help with demonstrations for my programming classes as well as any illustrations I am using for Programmer Tutoring. Since most of what I teach is related to Program Design and Development plus Intro to C++ that is where I will start. Then my plans will be to include demonstrations using JAVA with maybe some Visual Basic after all this is up and running. In the end I would like to include some PHP and maybe SQL. Hope this will help you in your studies of programming and set you on a path to much success.

Video Note: My attempt will be to record supporting videos that get right to the point. Short 5 to 10 minute clips that will cover new items of content along with demonstrations that help explain the approach I might use to solve a computing project exercise. Give it a try and don't hesitate to email me if you see suggested corrections, modifications or if you would just like to say thanks for an example you were able to use. (My email is: "").

Topic Areas To Cover

  • MOD1 - Welcome Message (Welcome)
  • MOD2 - A Quick Raptor/Flowgorithm Demo (FlowDemo)
  • MOD3 - Designing A Program (Design)
  • MOD4 - Writing Modular Programs (Modular)
  • MOD5 - If Statements/Decision Structures (Decision)
  • MOD6 - Repetition Structures (Loops)
  • MOD7 - Files (Files)
  • MOD8 - Arrays (Arrays)
  • MOD9 - Other Advanced Programming Projects (Other)

Each item has a menu pick across the top as tab navigators. These topics will be covered by hitting highlights I have found important and then covering programming assignment demos that get into the details of that particular coding technique. I truely believe that if you practice and grow with your efforts you can master the programming skill. Some people can tell right off if they like programming. Some people need a little more time using tools and techniques to help work them into a focused coder. If you benefit from this site or see inprovements you could recommend feel free to email me at In the beginning there will be areas that have (UNDER CONSTRUCTION / FUTURE CONTENT YET TO COME). One of my goals will be to have this site complete by the end 2020.

If you are just starting to use Carter's Castle Site please go to the site's last page and complete the survey. The intent is to determine where a participant is coming from. Are you a student? Have you programmed? and other such questions. Make sure you click check answers and then do the email score. Notice that the more points you score the greater benefit you might find by using this site.

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